Carrier Neutral Colocation

We are your carrier-neutral California colocation solution. 'Carrier-neutral' means that we are NOT locked in to an exclusive relationship with any one telco. We have OC (fiber) connections from a broad range of carriers. Furthermore, if you need a dedicated line for your equipment, you can contract for service from any carrier you wish. We can handle the internal run directly to your equipment at no charge!

A True Carrier Neutral Colocation Data Center

This is an invaluable service, especially important if you want to connect your LAN with colocated servers and want the ability to be able to shop around for the best prices and services. Many other colocation facilities are not neutral and you often won't have this option - you may be locked into working with one, often high priced, slow carrier. This is extremely important if you are an Internet company looking to expand.

Superior Internet Connectivity And Network Stability

As you might expect, being carrier-neutral also means that our Internet connectivity is marked by superior quality, speed and stability. Large, multiple redundant connections with a range of carriers ensure that you get hassle-free service and the absolute maximum of uptime. Place your colocated equipment with us, and experience the difference that world-class colocation can make!